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Meet Majesca, Mary Kate, & Dametria

By Stephi Cham | May 2023

Majesca Wong

Majesca Wong is a music therapist working with the palliative care team to support patients throughout Houston Methodist Hospital.

Majesca started playing the French horn freshman year of high school. Seeing her passion for interpersonal support, her band director introduced her to a music therapist. Majesca shadowed the music therapist for an entire day and recognized the powerful impact of music therapy for individuals with developmental disabilities. “I knew immediately this field was for me,” she says.

After she completed her four-year undergraduate degree in music therapy at California State University, Northridge, and her internship at Music to Grow On in Sacramento, she worked primarily in special education and implemented group music therapy for older adults. “I learned that I loved bedside music therapy,” Majesca says. She went on to work as a hospice music therapist, where she sought to reduce stigma related to palliative and hospice care.

Five years later, Majesca joined CPAM as a palliative care music therapist—fulfilling a dream she had held since she moved to Houston. “I was aware of the level of skill here and how impressive the team is, and I have wanted to be a part of it for a long time.” She plans to continue her advocacy for palliative care with a focus on increasing comfort around end-of-life discussions. Majesca has already built strong connections with staff members and patients throughout the hospital in her time at HMH.

“I’m still pinching myself,” Majesca says. “It is really an honor to be with patients and their families during some of the hardest times in their lives and to do what I can to provide them with a little bit of peace.”

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Mary Kate Becnel

Mary Kate Becnel is a music therapist working in the bone marrow transplant unit at Houston Methodist Hospital.

Mary Kate’s love of music began in middle school band, where she played the French horn. She completed her bachelor’s degree in music education at Baylor University but became interested in music therapy after teaching middle school band for a year. “I like using music to connect with people and make their lives easier,” she says.

After completing her master’s degree in music therapy at Sam Houston State University, Mary Kate worked in various places in Texas, including private practice, Woodland Springs Behavioral Health and Shriners Children’s. In March 2023, she joined the CPAM team as a music therapist. “I was drawn to the music therapy team at Houston Methodist and the opportunity to collaborate and work with other music therapists,” she says.

Mary Kate has drawn upon her experiences supporting children through hospital procedures to support HMH patients undergoing bone marrow biopsies and other procedures at HMH. 

“I look forward to working as a part of the BMT team to offer our patients opportunities for growth and enjoyment even during a very challenging time in their life.”

Dametria Morris

Dametria Morris is CPAM’s Operations Project Analyst. Her role includes administrative work such as managing calendars and projects and assisting with communication strategies.

Dametria first became interested in the field of arts and health while completing her bachelor’s degree in fine arts and serving as president of the Blaffer Art Museum Student Association. In 2020, she began pursuing a master’s degree in arts leadership at the University of Houston. Her courses—some of which were taught by CPAM staff members—focused on management and promotion of arts organizations.

That year, Dametria also worked as a remote intern with CPAM, where she says she was struck by the team’s care and compassion. “The character of the people who work here made me want to be a better me and be a part of this organization.” She completed a practicum placement, working as an assistant editor for the National Organization for Arts in Health. In May of this year, Dametria completed the graduate program, receiving both her degree and a Certificate of Arts in Health, and joined CPAM as an employee.

Dametria’s position is new to CPAM, and she plans to continue shaping and exploring her role in the coming months. “I am certain thus far that my role is valued by my colleagues, provides opportunities for creativity and gives me a sense of pride and autonomy,” she says. Returning to CPAM fulfilled an important personal goal.

“The opportunity for growth was given to me, and I hope to give that one day to others even in the smallest way.”